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Fresh feet and a perfect fit every time.
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Product information

TRIM 2 FIT – Replacement Ladder Feet, are quick and easy to fit, making them an economical way to maintain your ladder.

TRIM 2 FIT are made from solid rubber, providing both a hardwearing and long-lasting grip to the foot of the ladder.

TRIM 2 FIT are pre-marked with cutting guides to fit most makes of BOX SECTION ladders, making them a practical way to replace old and worn out ladder feet. No longer do you have to track down the manufacturer of your ladder to obtain the correct replacement feet.

TRIM 2 FIT are a cost-effective solution, designed to fit most makes of BOX SECTION (Rectangle) ladders, up to a stile size of 89mm x 25mm (3.5ins x 1in).

TRIM 2 FIT are sold in pairs and are supplied with 4 x self-drilling screws and full fitting instructions.

Watch our 1-minute video to see how easy it is to replace your old ladder feet with TRIM 2 FIT – Replacement Ladder Feet; ladder maintenance has never been so easy!

  • Reg Des No: 4018232

Thought I’d need replacements from makers, but this universal product was easy to use and solved problem.

N. Gardener

Excellent product, as described “Trim 2 Fit”, you can make a worn out product good and usable again. Would recommend.

C. Grant

These sturdy rubber feet were a perfect fit, they have transformed my ladder.


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