Ladder Leveller

simple and effective making it an essential ladder safety accessory.
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Product information

The ‘GOLD AWARD WINNING’ Ladder Leveller is made from heavy-duty rubber matting with nodules and is fully adjustable. The Ladder Leveller offers adjustable anti-slip blocking to go under the feet or stabilsing bar of your ladder whenever you need to level the ladder. Giving great confidence when using a ladder on sloping or uneven ground. When using the Ladder Leveller with a stepladder or a ladder fitted with a stabilising bar, individual mats can easily be removed and replaced by opening the joint in the handle slightly.

The Ladder Leveller has been independently tested by Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services and Product Approvals Global Product Certification Consultancy, as “Fit for Purpose”. Tested to a maximum work of 150kg.

The Ladder Leveller was also tested by WHICH in 2005 and their verdict was “an effective ladder accessory for making ladders safer”.

The Ladder Leveller is packed in 5 x sets per outer carton. Each set comes in a full colour cardboard sleeve, with illustrations and full instructions for use. We supply a Minimum Order Quantity of 5 x sets of Ladder Levellers, for smaller quantities please see our Suppliers List.

Laddermat’s Ladder Leveller also forms an anti-slip mat for the base of ladders, spreading the work load evenly and preventing the ladder feet from sinking into soft ground or grass.

UK PATENT GB 2371 594
Registered Design Number: 6193516




KN Install Solutions have 520 field engineers deployed across the island of Ireland and each of them are supplied with a Ladder Leveller. We have used the Ladder Leveller for over a decadent have found it to be extremely useful to aid the safe use of ladders on thousands of poles that we climb everyday.


Operations Manager

I’ve found the Ladder Leveller to be a most simple and effective ladder levelling tool on the market

Tetra Safety Systems

Working at Heights Operations Director

The Ladder Leveller from Laddermat is a very simple, but effective piece of equipment that any user should have at their disposal for working on uneven ground. At LADDERSTORE we always recommend the Ladder Leveller to anyone using an extension ladder on uneven or soft ground as it can significantly reduce the risk of a fall. This cost-effective ladder accessory should be a go-to product when using an extension ladder either at home or at work.


Operations Director

The Ladder Leveller gives me confidence when using ladders uneven or problem surfaces, and is a must have piece of kit for all trades people or the serious.

Multi Award Winning Decorator


Great safety product! Such a simple idea, but very effective and flexible.
A. Da

Very well designed and provides a soft grip to feet of ladder. Certainly worth the money.

These simple rubber mats work brilliantly on uneven ground and were really useful.
P. Michaels

I would not be without one, inside or outside.
I. Rice

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